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I'm really just a big geek, a HUGE Fannibal, I'm into comics and manga. Veganism of course. I love the morbid and macabre, I'm currently a secular satanist. As far as politics are concerned I would be considered liberal. Music I like tends to fall under blackened folk metal, black n roll, death n roll, post hardcore and power electronics, with a little deathrock added for flavor! *This blog might be triggering for some*
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Totems are created for characters to remind themselves whether or not they are dreaming. The top isn’t Cobb’s totem at all. The top is very clearly referred to as Mal’s totem. Cobb spins it to remind himself not that he is in reality, but to remind himself of what he did to Mal and what he must do to make it right.

His totem is actually his wedding ring. If you go back and watch the film again, you’ll notice a very significant detail. Everytime Cobb is dreaming, he is wearing the wedding ring. Everytime he is back in reality, he is no longer wearing it.

When he is dreaming, the totem is there in the back of his mind as a reminder that he is dreaming. When he is in reality, he has it put away like he advises Ariadne should do with her own totem to ensure no one will learn about it. Every single sequence of either dreaming or reality has a very clear shot of Cobb’s hand, which he wearing the ring on.

The spinning top is merely a red herring to distract the audience. Another clever trick by the filmmaker.


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Understanding the Meaning Behind Inception

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In our dreams we can do almost anything.

Inception; 2010/Christopher Nolan (x)

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i loveeeee adam’s family so much

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i loveeeee adam’s family so much

"So we’ll just let things take their course, and never be sorry."

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F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Benediction  (via artistsuffer)

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